I have more questions! Where can I get help?


BonsaiBasics.com Okay, you've read through the questions here and looked through your bonsai books, but still need some help to get you on your way to bonsai success.
No worries. Below are a list of resources for you to get the help you need.

  • The Beginner's Bonsai Forum at 'The Bonsai Site' -
    This should be your first stop if you have any bonsai-related queries. Crusing the forums each day are a group of helpful, experienced bonsai enthusiasts who will try and help you as much as possible.
  • A listing of helpful bonsai sites at 'The BonsaiSites.com Network' -
    One of the most comprehensive listings of bonsai sites on the web today. Cruise these sites for extra bonsai information.
  • Regional Bonsai Clubs at 'The BonsaiSites.com Network' -
    Join a local bonsai club in your area - there are bonsai clubs in every corner of the globe. Find one for you, here.

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