What books do you recommend for beginners?


In Association with Amazon.comBonsaiBasics.com The following books are recommended for beginners at bonsai, acting as a handy and simple guide to bonsai that can be referred to as they progress. Any person starting at bonsai should have at least one of these in their collection. They offer info. and tips on plant maintenance, bonsai styles and different bonsai techniques.

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to Growing, Training & General Care"

Christian Pessey, Remy Samson (Contributor)
Paperback - 120 pages (74 in color) (published March 1993)
$10.36 US (20% off retail)

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Review : A simple, straight-forward guide to bonsai that covers the basics in depth looking at things such as selecting a hardy specimen; the essentials of pruning, wiring, and aging; different bonsai styles; keeping your bonsai healthy through watering, feeding, and preventive treatment for pests and diseases. Also included is a calendar with seasonal checklist to remind you what to do and when. With over 200 full-color photos and drawings, this book provides a good base for beginners to start out with this fascinating hobby.

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Herb L. Gustafson
Paperback - 96 pages (published October 1997)
$12.95 US

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Review : This is a clearly written book that focuses primarily on bonsai maintenance, providing the answers to commonly asked questions. It is a good starter book which gives beginners the tips needed to get started in this hobby. More than 150 color photos showcase bonsai and illustrate various procedures. This book goes into much more detail on watering and preventative maintenance than most. It includes information with regard to watering, tree placement and general growing tips.

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Harry Tomlinson
Paperback - 216 pages (published February 1995)
$12.80 US (20% off retail)

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Review : This is a book I would recommend to any beginner at bonsai. It contains information on almost every aspect of bonsai; from growing a single tree from seed to creating a landscape arrangement. It also includes a comprehensive full-colour guide to the identification, growing and training of over 75 bonsai trees and shrubs. Easy-to-follow step-by-step sequences show how to create and shape your own bonsai and keep them healthy. The relationship between shape, scale, composition and colour are clearly analyzed and an inspirational selection of mature bonsai illustrates the classic styles. For such a reasonable price, this book really does cover a lot - going into things many other books would pass over such as how to use bonsai equipment, types of wire and techniques on wiring, how to make jins and shari, leaf defoliation and watering bonsai.

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Gianfranco Giorgi, Victoria Jahn (Editor)
Paperback - 255 pages (published May 1991)
$12.80 US (20% off retail)

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Review : This book acts as a guide to identifying your bonsai, with more than 100 full-color photographs of 150 species of trees. A 'must-have' reference for your bonsai library. Almost all well-known bonsai plants are included, with a picture and general care guidelines for all tree types listed.

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Sunset Book, Sunset Magazine (Editor)
Paperback - 96 pages, New ed. (published May 1994)
$10.36 (20% off retail) US

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Review : This is a thorough guide to the art of bonsai with 90 color photographs and detailed explanations. Contains clear, easy to follow guidelines. Explores how to start and train a bonsai and includes an encyclopedia of plants proven to grow successfully under bonsai treatment. A good reference book that can be used as a guide even by the intermediate and advanced. Different styles are discussed along with useful pictures of bonsai to aid the beginner.

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